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ELO Mobility is a start-up company based in Berlin that focuses on products and solutions for emission-free mobility. We are technology independent and develop and distribute various innovative components that we offer to international customers. To do this, we work together with leading technology companies worldwide. We are currently developing a product portfolio and ecosystem that will allow public transport operators to 'decarbonise' their fleets with the help of hydrogen propulsion systems.


Strategic position

As a globally operating supplier and service provider, we enable OEMs and mobility service operators to electrify their fleets. We provide specific components, which are prerequisite for the manifold use cases in the field of „mobility as a service“. Our portfolio combines components for commercial hydrogen electric or battery electric vehicles and related infrastructure, with engineering services for an optimized total cost of ownership.

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Project aspects and achiviements​:

ELO Mobility’s innovation approach for city buses includes a fast charging function in combination with small accumulating batteries. The electric bus has a guaranteed range of 50 kilometers and can be charged within 2-10 minutes directly when the bus is waiting at the bus stop. Batteries could significantly be reduced in battery size, battery weight and price.

Combination of light, energy efficient vehicles with a 

distributed fast charging network

Industrialization of the vehicle manufacturing with 

local partners

Supply chain management and localization of system components

Support of the roadmap into a modern mobility architecture incl. autonomous driving and various other features   

ELO Mobility is proud to be under the two finalists of this years Global Pitch 2019 in

San Francisco, U.S. powered by Digital Garage, Resi-Tech and Open Network Lab


CEO Dr. Henning Heppner gave a company keynote about ELO Mobility's unique public mobility system and integration approach and explained substantial benefits for smart cities with focus on hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles in front of experts and investors.

Learn more about the current state of mobility, hydrogen as use case specific solution and various important 
developments in the mobility sector
Podcast-DIE ZUKUNFTSMOBILISTENNr. 76 Interview with Dr. Henning Heppner (ELO Mobility GmbH)
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