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New H2 Electric Bus from Germany

Bus and drivetrain specialists are working on a modular bus concept integrating fuel cell technology

Berlin, 6 February 2019 – Clean mobility is on everyone’s mind. The demand for innovative electric drive concepts is steadily increasing. It is the perfect time to expand the bus market with an attractive offer ‚Made in Germany‘. The Berlin based ELO Mobility GmbH is working together with high profile partners such as HyMove (Arnhem) leader in fuel cell technology, vehicle engineers from WS Consulting (Augsburg), the Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems (Dresden) and BTS Bus Trailer Service (Oberwiera) for this new vehicle series. ELO Mobility is currently creating an engineering center in Berlin and manages the project from there.

„I am pleased about our diverse and highly specialized development team. By combining hydrogen fuel cell technology with reliable, yet highly innovative bus concepts, we can offer the most advanced level of modular electromobility”, explains Henning Heppner, Managing Director of ELO Mobility. Depending on the local operating requirements, the public transport companies can rely on an optimized concept of the vehicle capacity and energy storage systems for the individual use case.

„The demand is high worldwide. However, all involved parties would like to see the vehicles operating not only internationally, but also in the German public transport”, adds André Stephan, Head of Business Development at ELO Mobility. “The project is an exceptional opportunity for our industrial location.” There is so much interest in pre-series production that the development team has already been able to start advancing and working on vehicles of the first model year with delivery 2021/22, leaving a small remaining capacity for further orders available during this delivery period.

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