We provide innovative chassis as multi-modular building platforms in different sizes with necessary energy management components and all elements of the next generation powertrain that are needed to transform busses to emission-free hydrogen powered vehicles. 


  • Chassis with 140 kw 

  • Chassis with 240 kw 

  • Chassis standard for Citybuses 12m 45kw fuel cell 

  • Chassis heavy duty for Citybuses 12m 45 kw fuel cell 

  • Chassis standard for Citybuses 18m 90 kw fuel cell 

  • Chassis heavy duty for Citybuses 18m 90 kw fuel cell 

  • Chassis for Intercity Buses 85 km/h 

  • Chassis for Intercity Buses 100 km/h 



For various vehicles we own a wide range of licenses for vehicle construction and exclusive designs along with other patents for components, which enables us to create your product faster and more cost effectively. 


We implement innovative emission-free power supply systems in fleet vehicles and create fleet vehicles from scratch as prototypes for the subsequent series production. Our phased approach reduces economical and technical risk by proof of concept during the pilot phase and a stepped scaling up. 



We provide specific components, which are prerequisite for the manifold use cases in the field of „mobility as a service“, with the goal to enable profitable business models by leveraging existing infrastructure and financing. 


a. Cloud based telematics system

b. Energy Management System

c. Automotive Parts  



Solution Support 

ELO Mobility offers automotive solutions for global bus OEMs to decarbonize their fleets. 


a. TCO optimization 

With our core competence in sustainable energy management with focus on hydrogen as a key power source for future use in public transportation we guide you throughout the entire change management process and develop smart eco-systems to significantly decrease your total cost of ownership to run your fleet profitably on hydrogen. 


b. Infrastructure implementation 

We ensure that mobility service operators transfer smoothly away from combustion engines to new clean technology systems without fundamentally changing their operating procedures, lowering their performance characteristics or sacrificing comfort. Our holistic cross-sector integration model guarantees our customers an uninterrupted profitable business. 


c. Localization support

We form strategic alliances with the local industry and OEMs.

Customer Support  


a. Engineering services ​


b. Feasibility Studies


c. Project Funding 


ELO Mobility GmbH

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Ullsteinhaus, Studio 4 

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