Juliane Renz

Head of Business Development



  • Building, scaling and managing company operations nationally and globally, marketing and communication

  • B2A, B2B

  • Building new local partnerships to support the business growth, scale operations

  • Funding and financing responsibilities

  • Funding programmes

  • Management of foreign patients program

  • Fluent in DE, RU, EN, FR, IT, SPA

  • Humbolt-University Berlin, MA culture science

  • European University Institute, research

  • University of Potsdam, Operational Economics, Literature Science

Norman Wankowski

Chief Information Officer​


  • Head of IT

  • Senior Communication Manager

  • Senior Project Manager (Digital)

  • Digital Transformation Consultant at AndDosSantos for Airport DUS

  • CTO Greenbox Global, InfraLab Berlin

  • Director for international ad campaigns ie. VW,  Jaguar Trinity

  • Media & Communication Management Master Student at Fresenius

  • Media Management MdH Berlin

  • Media Designer (IHK)

Alisher Max Salikhov

Supply Chain Manager

& Business Development CIS


  • Supply Chain Management

  • Business Developer for CIS countries

  • Controller (Deputy General Director) - JV UK-Uzbekistan “Fraser Avtoyuklovchi Servis” LLC- operations management and finance, in the joint venture with multiple business units: international commodity trade, industrial and warehouse equipment including import, sales and after sales, spare parts manufacturing

  • Equity Finance Product Controller - Deutsche Securities Inc Tokyo., London, NY, Tokyo books.

  • Credit Derivatives Specialist – Merrill Lynch Japan Securities Co., credit derivatives operations: CDO, CDS, Swaps

  • Privatization Consultant - World Bank financial valuation project for partial privatization of state strategic enterprises: Tashkent Aircraft Construction Plant and the National Railways Company of Uzbekistan

Frank Ziener

Senior Project Manager


  • Senior Project Management, Industrialization, Quality Management​ (Automotive)​

  • Entrepreneur, Founder & Managing Director– Ziener International Business GmbH (ZIB GmbH)​

  • External Senior Advisor - InterChina​

  • Sales Partner – Adler Smart Solutions​

  • Head of Customer Business Units VW & Luxury Customers – Tenneco China​

  • Group Customer Director EU & American Customers – Valeo Group China Headquarters​

  • Sales Manager Automotive –NSK China​

  • Account Manager/Global Account Manager – NSK Germany​

  • FHTW Berlin/ UNL Neraska (USA)

Dr. Lydia Eva-Maria Todenhöfer Senior Project Manager


  • Project Management

  • Business Development at Greenbox Global 

  • Business Consulting for DB Schenker Germany, i.a. responsible for reconceptualization of sustainable logistic products

  • Business Development for CrowdStrom: Peer-to-Peer Sharing service for Electric Vehicles

  • Management of the Institute for B2B Marketing of the University of Muenster as COO

  • Ph.D in Economics, specialized in: Strategic Marketing (B2B), Innovation Management, Business Development, Sharing Economy 

  • Manager Loyalty & Premium Partnerships at Air Berlin PLC & Co. Luftverkehrs KG 

  • Universities of Bologna, Siena, Passau, Bozen, Lueneburg and Muenster: BA European Studies, MA Economics and Marketing

Alexander Kageneck

Project Manager​


  • Project Manager

  • Scientific Researcher

  • Data Analyst

  • Leading research activities

  • Digitalization Manager at Palmetto

  • Technische Universität Wien, M.Sc. in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering

Pavel Bukhteev

Software Engineer


  • Working Student

  • Technische Universität Berlin, M.Sc. Geodesy and Geoinformatic Science